The best Strains to help with Depression 

Depression is a condition that affects millions, some of them being mild, some severe, sometimes it’s just something moderate. Some may use cannabis as a way to substitute out antidepressants and is a valid sort of way to treat depression in most cases. 

How cannabis helps

The plant is great for boosting certain hormones in the brain. One of the biggest ones, is serotonin, which is called the “happy hormone” and is actually connected to depression. Those who are depressed don’t have enough serotonin in the body. 

This is usually used as well for the THC that’s in there as well, as it can help with the pain, making it more manageable. So if the depression is due to pain, cannabis can help with lowering these levels. 

Many people like to use cannabinoids to feel better, regardless of if they have depression or not. Even those who aren’t officially diagnosed can feel amazing with the cannabis consumption, and it can make you feel more alive and well too. 

The strains that work 

There are certain strains that are great for this, and it can help those who have mild depression, and those who are fully diagnosed and want to use something other than prescription meds to help with the problem. 

One of the biggest and best strains for this is jack Herer, which uses caryophyllene along with pinene in order to contribute to helping with the problems of depression, creating antidepressant results. It offers invigorating, real feelings, improving the aroma and area around a person, and it smells just like chopped wood used for fires, creating a great, comforting feeling. 

Cannatonic is another great one, and many people who have depression turn to this, since it’s the perfect mixture of Mycenae along with pinene, offering good sedative effects, and it also doesn’t have a ton of THC, so you won’t feel anxious having this. 

Harlequin is a great one because it’s balanced, offering a better, clearer head, and it’s almost equal in THC and CBD, so it’s pretty balanced for a strain. Cimex is another one, and this comes with limonene, which is great for uplifting the spirits. It does have a dense amount of THC, but it offers creativity, and it can get people motivated to do plenty of things. Charlotte’s web is one that is dominant in CBD, used to help with easing out the symptoms of depression. It’s low in THC too, so if you have panic attacks or anxiety when using marijuana, this is a good one. 

Laughing buddha is a great one to make you feel good and euphoric, with many people saying they’re more productive and have better social interactions with this strain. 

Northern lights is just indica, offering complete relaxation, good mellow feelings, and it can help you sleep a lot better, and it can help those who have insomnia, which is linked directly to depression too. Girl scout cookies tastes like the name, and this award-winning strain is great for helping with depression, since it help with headache treatment, pain, and those who lose their appetite due to depression. 

Finally, we’ve got cherry punch, which has humulene along with linalool in it. It’s potent, and it’s one that’s great for creating a cheerful set of feelings inside of you due to the cherry vanilla taste that’s within it, offering a really good taste that you can’t get enough of. 

These strains are good for depression, but understand that not everyone will have this, so you should look for strains that fit your needs and see how you feel.