Does Weed Contain Nicotine 

If you’re someone who is sensitive to nicotine, or worries about nicotine addiction, you’re not alone. If you’ve been curious about the practice of utilizing cannabis, you might wonder whether or not cannabis does have nicotine in it? Here, we’ll go over what it is, and why cannabis doesn’t have nicotine, but if you mix it, it will. 

What nicotine Is 

This is an alkaloid that occurs in some plants, including potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants. Anything in the nightshade family has a lot of nicotine, tobacco included. It is an anti-herbivory chemical in the plant, so it naturally keeps the critters away. 

But for a lot of us who have this, it’s a short-term stimulant with some long-term problems that come with this. Tobacco is what most people consume nicotine through, and these products are oftentimes used in a recreational sense. Because of the highly addictive nature of this, it’s best if you also make sure that you also don’t have anything that contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors, as it does make it more addictive. 

Nicotine does replace tobacco in a lot of nicotine products. Patches and vapes have nicotine in them, which people can use to reduce the need for a cigarette and can help with quitting smoking. 

Gum, sprays for the nose, mints and inhalers are also good for people who want to quit these products. CBD and beta-caryophyllene however, are also good for usage with withdrawal form tobacco. 

Nicotine products are used as a substitute for smoking, but they do still have the addictive properties here, so it’s technically not as safe as you think. 

The Side Effects. 

Nicotine does increase your mood, your heart rate, diarrhea, nausea, and also improve alertness. Probably the worst thing about nicotine, however, is how addictive it is, to the point where it causes irritability, tremors, and liquid nicotine is really poisonous if you get it anywhere on you. 

Nicotine can increase the blood pressure, so it can put you at risk for cardiac arrest in high amounts. 

Does Cannabis Have Nicotine 

N it does not. Cannabis is from another different plant family period, which is known for the terpenes that are in this. So no, it does not have the same cannabinoids. 

What’s Safer 

While marijuana and tobacco both have carcinogens, and there are still some worries about the blood pressure when you smoke, some people do find marijuana much safer. However, if you do have respiratory issues or bronchitis, you should stay away from both. 

THC is a lot less poisonous, and it can be good for people to use. While you can get cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, this is rare, especially compared to how addictive nicotine is, and the withdrawals of this too. 

THC also does feel a bit more potent, and some might believe that nicotine is safer. However, nicotine is definitely one that’s associated with some bad long-term health problems. While THC is not something that you should use when you operate machinery or drive a car compared to say, maybe a cigarette, it can definitely be a lot less addictive when you’re comparing this to nicotine. 

Vaping appears to have replaced cigarettes as the primary nicotine delivery device for teens. (Diedra Laird/Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Both of these thoughts should not be consumed by children or teenagers, as this does hamper the brain development of people. There are some people who may use this for when they’re dosing it to younger people, but nicotine is something that should be avoided by all kids as much as you can. 

The main thing to remember is that marijuana does have some major dangers to the health if you smoke, but otherwise marijuana in itself is safer.