Cannabis and Breastfeeding 

While breastfeeding is becoming accepted, just like cannabis, some people may wonder if you can combine both. There isn’t a ton of research, but here’s what we know about using these two together. 

So can you? 

The short and sweet answer, is don’t. the data on this is very scarce, but it’s not something that’s advisable. It’s on the same level as using alcohol along with nicotine together while breastfeeding. The status on this from the American Academy of Pediatrics is still up in the air, and the risk of this aren’t known. That’s because cannabis does pas through the breast milk to the baby, so there might be some effects which are detrimental that can happen if you start to breastfeed while smoking. 

The risk also gets heightened because of the THC that’s in this. that’s because, THC can bind to practically anything, since it is fat-soluble. That of course includes breast milk. It also can be found in breast milk for 6 days, sometimes even more, which is actually longer than even alcohol and other compounds. 

What about edibles 

These can also do the same thing. It can go to the baby from the breast milk, which affects the neurodevelopmental processes that are there. when you vape or smoke, the THC goes to the lungs, goes to the bloodstream, gets into your blood-brain barrier, and when this gets eaten, it’s then converted into what’s called 11-hydroxyl-THC, which is something that’s actually four times the strength of regular THC. That’s why it can sometimes have even stronger effects.  While you should avoid smoking while you breast feed, it’s actually eve more important to avoid the edibles as you breastfeed. You’re actually going to provide to the child six times the amount of cannabinoids that they might get if you just were smoking or vaping it. 

Endocannabinoids within breast milk 

You have the CB1 and the CB2 receptors, which are found within your CAN and immune system, respectively. Each of these can interact with the endocannabinoids within the body.  these two things are also similar in structure to both CBD and THC. 

There are some studies that actually have found that breast milk has 2-AG and AEA, two major endocannabinoids, which work to offer chemical messages, and are big for development and growth too. The membranes of this are equipped with different receptors within the cannabinoids, and that triggers a ton of responses, including sleeping, immune system, and it can actually stimulate suckling too. 

It can impact breastfeeding, and while the THC and CBD does work with the same types of receptors, there are some studies that also shoe it can impact how much milk is made, and it can slow down the production of breast milk in some cases. Too. 

Childhood and Neonatal outcomes 

It was found that about 1-2.5%  of the THC within one joint gets found in breast milk, and from there, gets given to the baby. The THC in this does bind to the protein receptors, integral for the development of the brain. So yes, neonatal exposure can impact the development of the brain in certain manners. 

Some studies have been found that the babies who get cannabis within their breast milk actually got tired very fast, and their suckling was nowhere near as good as the babies that didn’t have this interaction. It also did cause issues with the motor skills of a child. So yes, it can impact the state of a child, an exposing babies to this is not the risks that you want to take, so avoid doing this too.