What to Keep in Mind When Traveling With a Medical Marijuana Card

The world of medical marijuana in the United States is quite interesting, to say the least. In some states, you can pretty much buy and smoke as much cannabis as you want if you are over the age of 21. However, in other states, you might only be able to use a small amount of medical marijuana in the most dire of health conditions, like terminal cancer. It is also true that you can still be charged with possession of marijuana in some states, while other states across the border do not even bat an eye.

With all of that being said, it can sometimes be hard for medical marijuana patients to navigate the cannabis landscape that we are currently dealing with in the United States. I wanted to take some time today to talk about what things to keep in mind when traveling with a medical marijuana card.

While you may be completely allowed and encouraged to use medical marijuana in your residing state, you may run into some different types of policies in another state. That is why it is always important to keep in mind some of these basic medical marijuana travel tips to ensure that you do not run into any trouble while you may be going on a road trip with your medical marijuana card. 

One of the first things to keep in mind when you are traveling with your medical marijuana card is where you are allowed to smoke and use cannabis. Many patients may be used to certain rules in their state about where they are allowed to use cannabis. In many states that are more progressive in the way that they deal with cannabis, the places that you can’t smoke cannabis basically follow what one would expect with something like smoking cigarettes. EVerywhere that smoking tobacco is banned, like restaurants, bars, and other places, you can be sure that smoking cannabis is also banned.

You also want to make sure that you are not in any highly public places, as it is true that a lot of communities have begun to ban smoking cannabis in public areas. In addition, you will want to avoid smoking cannabis near any school buildings or properties, including private schools, daycare, middle schools, high schools, and sometimes universities.

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This may seem like a no brainer to some of you, but I wanted to add it in here anyways to cover all of the bases. Also, it is important to keep in mind that it is a felony offense to use medical marijuana on any Federal property, including places like the post office, National parks, and other Federal buildings. It is also important to remember that when you cross state lines, you may be traveling on a federal road like an interstate. This also counts as federal land, and you can get into some trouble for having cannabis with you in your vehicle or something like that.

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Another thing to keep in mind when trying to use medical marijuana while traveling is how much you can legally possess from state to state. Let’s say you find a great deal at a new dispensary you’ve come across, and now you are wanting to stock up on buds to celebrate your road trip with your friends or something like that. Please be careful to not buy over what you are allowed to possess in that state with your medical marijuana card. Believe it or not, there is a limit to how much cannabis you are allowed to have on you, and this number changes from state to state (yes, even with a legal medical marijuana card).


What Kinds of Paper do Burgers get Wrapped in 

Burgers are a great food, and with over 95 million being sold a year in the US, and 60 billion worldwide, they’re a tasty food that people do love. However, you may wonder what they’re wrapped in. when you get a burger, they get wrapped in certain papers so that the middle doesn’t become soggy, and also to protect the hands of customers from getting dirty. A lot of times a restaurant will have this, and if you’re thinking of selling burgers, you may wonder what types of papers are used to wrap this, and what’s really good for those who want to sell this. 

Wax Food Paper 

This is the first type and is used by pretty much all of the big retailers that sell burgers. This is a layer of bleached or not bleached kraft paper that’s coarse, and it has a blend of both Caruba wax and paraffin. This wax coating helps protect the paper, keeping it from being soggy due to the grease and steam, but also helps to keep the burger intact when removing the paper too. 

Foil Paper 

This is another very popular wone, and for those environmentally conscious burger joints, this has become popular. This is usually coated with a type of polyethylene to help keep the foil papers together, and also helps keep the burger warmer too. 

It also has a greaseproof texture to it, so you don’t have to worry about you burger getting ruined. This is also a recyclable option too, so it’s good for those sustainable people. The downside, however, is that it’s not as cheap as the other options, and it can add up. 

Parchment Paper 

This is another made from kraft paper that’s unbleached, and then wrapped in a layer of kraft paper that’s bleached. The outer part of this does protect the inner part from the grease there, and also keeps the burger from becoming soggy too. 

Custom Greaseproof Paper 

For food products, there is actually another type, and this is greaseproof paper that’s custom made, and it actually takes things to the next level. It offers a means to prevent grease from ruining the burger or the paper, and also helps to reduce the waste that’s there too, and also gives a pretty custom look to customers too. 

This is typically made from durable paper stock with an added coating of polymer to prevent this grease from getting into the paper and then into the drainage system. It’s also great for preventing it from clogging up the drains too, so you don’t’ have to worry about repairs. 

It’s probably the best option if you want something custom, but also want something that’s good for the company too. Regardless, all of these are pretty good options, and as a company, the best way to determine the right kind of paper to use for your burgers is to look at the cost of this, and what you’re willing to pay, and also how much you need from this. 

There are also some companies that do offer bulk prices on this type of paper too, so you can order a lot, and get a nice little minimum payment on this too, so you don’t have to constantly be ordering this. It’s a good way to truly ensure that you’re getting the best paper possible for your customers that accurately represents the brands and protects the food so that customers can have a juicy burger, and also can enjoy the different custom feature of this as well for your needs. 

Will Kentucky Legalise Medical Marijuana?

There are a lot of changes coming to the United States regarding marijuana legislation, and many people are convinced that we will see even more states venturing into the cannabis industry for both medical and recreational marijuana. One of these such states is Kentucky. 2022 means that midterm elections are coming in November that could create a shift in the political leadership in certain states. In some cases, a change of power in various legislative positions can mean a huge difference for the policies that take place thereafter. In some cases, we may see states change their stance on medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, adding to the total number of places in the United States that are finally recognizing the medical and social benefits of legalizing marijuana.

So what about Kentucky? Is it true that this state, as southern and traditional as it may be, could be looking to legalize medical marijuana? Well, we know that in February of 2020, the House of Representatives in Kentucky passed HB 136, which was basically the legislation that would legalize medical cannabis. Unsurprisingly, the votes were overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing medical marijuana.

However, this was right before Covid-19 hit the United States. The sad end to this story is that once Covid hit, every new policy change on the table regarding medical cannabis was bumped down in priority compared to some of the other things that needed to happen. However, this was almost 2 years ago now. We have had plenty of time to adjust (and we will likely have plenty more) to Covid-19 and everything that it entails. Now that there is more time to sit down and sort through things like a medical marijuana program, we may be seeing this happen in the great state of Kentucky.

The progress in Kentucky by pro-cannabis organizations and residents alike has been slow growing. Like many other areas in the United States, it has taken years of hard work for these policies to be even talked about in a serious way. Unfortunately, HB 136 fell through after House approval, and many people were completely bummed to see it happen this way. While there was much support for the legislation from the House, the Senate ultimately rejected it. One of the biggest factors for the implementation of medical marijuana policies in states is the state of resident health care. Many people in the state of Kentucky are dealing with some severe health conditions. In fact, a survey shows that there are over 2.9 million Kentucky residents with at least one debilitating condition. Remember, these are not just things that make life a bit harder. These conditions can completely ruin somebody financially and socially, making it extremely hard to even do anything like work or exercise.

This is why so many states in the United States have chosen to legalize medical marijuana for patients with such conditions. It can also be said that, once marijunaa becomes legalized, it is helpful on the criminal side of things as well. Many people are still charged with felonies for possession of marijuana, which is just insane to think about. In some cases, possession of marijuana would be completely legal in a bordering state. It is super important for the people of Kentucky to rally around the idea of legalizing a medical marijuana program, and hopefully this can be the difference in patients’ lives who are struggling with chronic diseases and other health conditions. Many people feel that 2022 represents a real opportunity for change in the state of Kentucky regarding medical cannabis, and that is my hope as well.

All about the endocannabinoid System 

If you’ve been curious about cannabinoids, you’re not alone.  They have a huge influence on your body, and they’re very therapeutic. It’s something that a lot of people are looking to treat, as low dosages of cannabis are allowed, provided that they’re regulated. A lot of people struggle with varying symptoms, so not every person who uses this will have the same results. 

Some people do use medical cannabis for MS, neurodegenerative issues, and even autism. With a variety of benefits and such, you may wonder how in the world does cannabis give you all of these benefits? This is due to the endocannabinoid system, which we’ll go over right here. 

The Endocannabinoid System 

This is basically referred to as the endogenous cannabinoid system in most scientific texts, and it’s basically one of the most impactful systems that can help with maintaining all sorts of health issues a person may have. They’re everywhere, from your brain to your heart to even the immune cells that you have, this is pretty much here to help you stay in homeostasis, and it pretty much works in a way that’s stable, despite changes to the environment. 

Cannabinoids do help with homeostasis at every stage of life, and it can even be used at sub-cellular levels in a person. For example, if your cells engage in autophagy, which is where they do eat up some old cells to recycle them, they utilize the endocannabinoid system to help regulate this. The goal is to keep the body balanced and working, and also offer better health benefits to a person, in this being the organisms. 

These are pretty much found in many popular intersections within the body and are responsible for coordinating and communicating in the body. At injury sites, for instance, cannabinoids are used to decrease your activators and also sensitizers that are in the tissue injured, so it stabilizes the nerves from firing too much, and stops the immune cells from suddenly flocking to different areas, and also reduces the excrement of inflammatory parts to this. 

There are different mechanisms that are used in this, and the goal of this system is to prevent the pain and damage there. It works intimately with both your immune and nervous system, along with the organs, and helps you have the best health possible. It works as well to help with making sure that you also have a good mental state too, promoting creativity, humor, and even sharing with others. 

The Receptors 

There are small little receptors all within the body that are basically just within there that accept these cannabinoids. There are thousands of articles that are coming out on this, and this complex system does var based on the different parts of this system. These receptors are within the membranes of the cell and are more numerous than any other system out there. When stimulated, a lot of physiologic actions happen, where it can even affect different structures, including your gonads, glands, and immune system. 

Endocannabinoids can be made naturally, or also provided through outside sources, in this case, marijuana.  This is used to help with the stimulation of the receptors, and also does help with turning it into different derivatives.  This also can help to promote wellness. And there you have it. There are so many ways to get these and with the sudden prevalence of cannabis, this has been getting a lot more traction due to the variety of healing capabilities that this has, and some other amazing compounds that are good for not just temporary wellness, but all over wellness for you.

Cannabis and Depression 

Did you know that there is a link between depression and cannabis? Some people have found that there are benefits to this, and here, we’ll go over why it’s well, and why it’s not so good to use cannabis for this type of treatment. 

The Link

The link between both of these two things is actually quite a common association. Some people use cannabis to help with the symptoms of depression, especially if you’re experiencing insomnia, appetite issues and anxiety. The same in a way is sad for those who have short-term depression. Some actually mention that it’s great for feeling contented, relaxed, and much more apt peace, allowing you to move away from the symptoms of depression.

There are some studies that actually say it can help with the short-term symptoms. 

In a study from 2020 on the use of cannabis for depression, most people said that it helped with treating the symptoms of such.

The Poros 

There are some reasons as to why it works. It’s really good because it doesn’t have a ton of side effects. It’s also good for relieving many symptoms of depression, and it’s good as well for those who absolutely need some relief. It’s also relatively easy to get in legal states. For those looking to get rid of the medications that they’re currently taking, some have found that cannabis might be the solution. Some SSRIs make the problem worse, so there is hope with using cannabis. 

The downsides 

While it’s good to use cannabis for treating depression, there are a few downsides to this. First and foremost, is dependance. This might happen for those who immediately turn to marijuana to help with the issue at hand.  Some people use weed as a way to avoid the bigger issues, and they also try to avoid actually getting treatment.

The problem with this, is that it can actually exacerbate the depression that’s there. While avoiding it is not the right move, it can be something people latch onto. 

Some also are worried about possibly seeing someone to get help with this. Another downside, is sometimes, this can make the depression symptoms worse too.  For example, if you have a lot of anxiety, and you take too much weed, it can make you much more paranoid, completely defeating the purpose of this.

With that in mind, understand that while cannabis can be a tool to help with healing the body, it can sometimes work the opposite, and right now, there isn’t enough link between cannabis and the treatment of depression, and there isn’t enough long-term evidence to showcase that this could work.

That isn’t to say that cannabis is bad for this, but if you’re going to possibly use this, you should most definitely consult a doctor.

They’re the ones who will help you determine the best course of action. If you’ve tried SSRIs and also other medications, but still nothing, then you’ll definitely want to look into the possibility of using this for treatment, as it could help with this.

Many people have gotten plenty of helpful benefits from a toke, and that is something that’s become quite a popular means to help you.

With that said, before you decide to use medical cannabis as a means to help, you should definitely consult a doctor, and always talk to them before you start to work on using this. It can be good, and depending on the right strain, it might be the perfect item to have, especially if you’re looking to get the treatment that you need for the depression symptoms you have.