What Kinds of Paper do Burgers get Wrapped in 

Burgers are a great food, and with over 95 million being sold a year in the US, and 60 billion worldwide, they’re a tasty food that people do love. However, you may wonder what they’re wrapped in. when you get a burger, they get wrapped in certain papers so that the middle doesn’t become soggy, and also to protect the hands of customers from getting dirty. A lot of times a restaurant will have this, and if you’re thinking of selling burgers, you may wonder what types of papers are used to wrap this, and what’s really good for those who want to sell this. 

Wax Food Paper 

This is the first type and is used by pretty much all of the big retailers that sell burgers. This is a layer of bleached or not bleached kraft paper that’s coarse, and it has a blend of both Caruba wax and paraffin. This wax coating helps protect the paper, keeping it from being soggy due to the grease and steam, but also helps to keep the burger intact when removing the paper too. 

Foil Paper 

This is another very popular wone, and for those environmentally conscious burger joints, this has become popular. This is usually coated with a type of polyethylene to help keep the foil papers together, and also helps keep the burger warmer too. 

It also has a greaseproof texture to it, so you don’t have to worry about you burger getting ruined. This is also a recyclable option too, so it’s good for those sustainable people. The downside, however, is that it’s not as cheap as the other options, and it can add up. 

Parchment Paper 

This is another made from kraft paper that’s unbleached, and then wrapped in a layer of kraft paper that’s bleached. The outer part of this does protect the inner part from the grease there, and also keeps the burger from becoming soggy too. 

Custom Greaseproof Paper 

For food products, there is actually another type, and this is greaseproof paper that’s custom made, and it actually takes things to the next level. It offers a means to prevent grease from ruining the burger or the paper, and also helps to reduce the waste that’s there too, and also gives a pretty custom look to customers too. 

This is typically made from durable paper stock with an added coating of polymer to prevent this grease from getting into the paper and then into the drainage system. It’s also great for preventing it from clogging up the drains too, so you don’t’ have to worry about repairs. 

It’s probably the best option if you want something custom, but also want something that’s good for the company too. Regardless, all of these are pretty good options, and as a company, the best way to determine the right kind of paper to use for your burgers is to look at the cost of this, and what you’re willing to pay, and also how much you need from this. 

There are also some companies that do offer bulk prices on this type of paper too, so you can order a lot, and get a nice little minimum payment on this too, so you don’t have to constantly be ordering this. It’s a good way to truly ensure that you’re getting the best paper possible for your customers that accurately represents the brands and protects the food so that customers can have a juicy burger, and also can enjoy the different custom feature of this as well for your needs. 


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